Institute of Technology
Exomedi is continuously conducting research and development for the continuity of anti-aging under the slogan of “ultra-highly functional skin care cosmetics”.
Entr® technology, which has been completed through more than 30 years of research and development of the anti-aging future ingredient "Exosome", is here in the institute.
When papers on exosomes are published around the world, 263 papers cited on the research of Entr® technology were published, and the Exosome Institute has research level of the top 5% or higher among researchers in the world
Entr®'s unique original technology is attracting attention not only for skin but also as next-generation regenerative medical technology.
R&D Status
Various beauty products
Including the specific factor exosomes, we are researching and developing cosmetic technology capable of not only skin regeneration and anti-aging but also hair loss prevention and hair growth.
Cell therapy
With Entr® technology, which is attracting attention as a next-generation regenerative medical technology, we are conducting research and development of exosomes as therapeutic agents for brain damage, liver cirrhosis, and atopic dermatitis.
We are in the process of developing anti-skin aging by restoring telomere from somatic cells by ultrasound and inducing exosomes.