Brand Story
EXONIA’s 4-week Program for Skin Perfection
Powerful skin provided by 5 billion exosomes
Think about
the essence of true beauty
Although being passionate about the outward beauty makeup, we are actually longing for natural beauty inside the skin.

We put our time and effort into beauty probably not because we needed a mask of beauty, but because we wanted to restore the natural beauty of our skin.
We try to find the secret of skin's natural beauty in the very first vitality of skin birth
Pay attention to the
amazing skin vitality
The beauty of the unchanging source of the skin depends on the vitality of the cells in the skin, not the problem appearing on the skin surface.

Responsible for cell communication by containing substances necessary for the skin through interest in the beauty of the skin and continuous independent research on cell factors, EXONIA is finding and focusing on exosome, a signal that conveys more fundamental vitality.
the answer to the true skin vitality
For a new world of true skin regenerating,
EXONIA finds the right path for skin care with exosomes that contain true skin vitality.
Created By Long Research, Exosome
Secret Key Reprogramming Exosome
EXONIA paid attention to exosome, the secret key that fundamentally improves the skin.
Stem, which was born through years of research and change of conception, has completed EXONIA's own reprogramming exosomes specialized for skin through Entr® technology.
Proven Exosome By Specialist
Proven and Reliable EXONIA Exosome
Derived from fibroblasts, the patented EXONIA Exosome, completed with the know-how of the EXONIA research team, is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, and is a safe ingredient that has proven for its excellence through SCI research papers and has been verified for its stability through clinical trials.
Beyond Exosome, Exonia Special Formula
A special recipe beyond exosome
To maximize the core efficacy of exosomes,
we deliver recipes containing EXONIA’s unique know-how by applying carefully selected bio-ingredients such as PDRN and hyaluronic acid
the skin's natural light
EXONIA is not a cosmetic that beautifies the skin for a short time.
EXONIA cares about your most beautiful days.
It brightens your skin with the vitality it had at that time when there were no troubles, wrinkles, or sagging.
A regenerating signal that starts anew from the source of the skin
start the experience of revealing your natural beauty